iPhone 2.0 and Moo Cow’s Band Software

You have all probably heard of iBand, the first band to use the iPhone and software created by Mark Terry of Moo Cow Music back in February 2008.

Unfortunately, you needed to hack or “jailbreak” the phone to get the software loaded. When Apple announced they were opening up iPhone software development to independents, you just knew Moo Cow was going to be in on the deal and a legal versions of what was then called iPiano and other interfaces would be available. Sure enough, Mark Terry unveiled Moo Cow’s Band software at the Apple WWDC a few weeks ago. Here’s the a clip from the Keynote when Mark and friend demonstrated Band:

Moo Cow Music at WWDC

Click here for the link to the entire Keynote Address from the Apple 2008 WWDC.

If you saw some of the older Moo Cow music applications, you might be, like me, missing the Drummer

or Guitarist

Never fear! Moo Cow Music will have those out soon enough. Check out their OlderApps or Pre 2.0 page for a preview.

Basically, the new iPhone at the new prices of $199 & $299 with the new music apps changes everything. In my next article, I will talk about why I think this is a tremendous boost to music education and what my plans are to incorporate it into our school music this fall

Already, there are people out there taking it to the “next level” expanding their set ups and including some very sophisticated equipment. I just had to add this as a shout out to Jim Frankel at SoundTree to thank him for coming to my school and showing the kids the great equipment available to them especially Korg’s Kaossilator and padKontrol. They loved them all and thought Jim was a really “cool dude”. Oh yeah, is that a Kaossilator in there? I think I see an iPhone and another Korg handheld device…? What’s the game controller in the middle? I just can’t believe this guy actually rehearsed this to work it all out and it’s not bad! This is what happens when geeks have too much time on their hands…



3 Responses to “iPhone 2.0 and Moo Cow’s Band Software”

  1. Amy M Burns Says:

    Hi Barbara,

    Great post! I look forward to reading your next article about how you will incorporate the iPhone with the new music apps into your classroom.

    Amy Burns

  2. Jason Says:

    Band is going to be a great app once it comes out. I have been using it on my hacked iPhone for the past month or so, and it really is a nice tool for making music. It would be great for kids, because it is touch oriented- which may make it easier for kids to make music.

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