iPhone & Music Apps

I did it. I got the new iPhone. I arrived at the store at 8 AM and I was about the 60th person in line. Between the long line and computers slow or crashing, I waited six hours. I have never done something like that before, waited the first day something came out, and there’s a really good chance I never will again. I will say, however, it was worth it. It’s an amazing device and I am very excited to have and learn about a hand held computer.

Trust me, I didn’t get the iPhone for the phone! When Apple announced they were opening up software development for the new iPhone to outside sources, it meant you no longer need to hack or “jailbreak” your phone to get some of the cool applications that were already available. Sure enough, those applications are already on the iTunes site. Simply go to the iTunes Store and find the link for the App Store.

See below:

Then select from the list of Categories in the left side bar:

You’ll also notice there are lists of Top Paid Apps and Top Free Apps in the left side bar:

Here’s some music apps to check out:
Moo Cow Music’s Band
Intua’s BeatMaker
Holger Meyer’s Karajan Beginner (there’s a free version to try)
CrimsonJet’s Drumkit
Shazam Entertainment’s Shazam
MixMeister Technology’s Mix Meister Scratch
IFRizzo’s Drummer

I’ll be writing about some of these in more detail. Stay tuned because I’ll be adding some video on how to use some of these programs.


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  1. How To Practise Says:

    Hi – I though this site was running Drupal for a moment – it looks like the default Drupal theme 🙂

    Anyway just wanted to say I’ve been following this site for a few months and am enjoying the resources very much. I’ve even got round to adding you to my links section 🙂 (perhaps you’d like to look at my site and reciprocate).

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