iPhone Music Apps: Overview

The iPhone has revolutionized hand held computing.  I just love my device and I am careful not to call it a phone.  Personally, I can’t say I am very happy with it as a phone.  First and foremost (AT&T, I hope you are listening), there is no reason why in 2009 that I can’t drive down I-95 from Stamford, CT to NYC and have an uninterrupted conversation.  Not one but SEVERAL dropped calls. We’re talking about a MAJOR route not some back roads. Enough ranting, the phone aside, it’s the computing device that I love.  Instant access to my email, Internet, maps with Google locater and directions and a variety of applications, ranging from free to on average $10 to upwards of $50.  It’s those applications that I think are particularly interesting to music educators that I’ll focus on in coming articles. Today, here’s a brief overview.

If you don’t know how to view and get apps for the iPhone, see my article iPhone & Music Apps.

Go to the Apps Store, and find the Music category. I wish Apple would come up with subcategories (instruments, sequencers, recorders, etc) but you are stuck sifting through the 23 or so pages of applications in the Music category. In the center/main screen you can then sort them by Name, Most Popular or Release Date. The default is Release date so you’ll be looking at the most recent releases or updates. The sidebars have the most popular Paid and Free. If you click on the arrow in the Paid or Free sidebar, it will list them according to the top 100 in that category to date.


Looking at the number of apps can be a bit daunting at first so here’s a tip to initially sift through them. Sort them according to “Paid” or “FREE”.  Free is good so I like to start there.  Free programs can be teasers for the paid versions but often enough they are complete programs. The Top 100 downloads doesn’t mean that they are the best-liked programs so you’ll need to look at the reviews and star ratings. It’s actually easier to see the reviews if you are looking at the Apps Store on your iPhone.  The reviews are right there.  Unfortunately, when you are looking from your computer, you have to click on the app to reveal more details to see the reviews.

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iPhone & Music Apps

I did it. I got the new iPhone. I arrived at the store at 8 AM and I was about the 60th person in line. Between the long line and computers slow or crashing, I waited six hours. I have never done something like that before, waited the first day something came out, and there’s a really good chance I never will again. I will say, however, it was worth it. It’s an amazing device and I am very excited to have and learn about a hand held computer.

Trust me, I didn’t get the iPhone for the phone! When Apple announced they were opening up software development for the new iPhone to outside sources, it meant you no longer need to hack or “jailbreak” your phone to get some of the cool applications that were already available. Sure enough, those applications are already on the iTunes site. Simply go to the iTunes Store and find the link for the App Store.

See below:

Then select from the list of Categories in the left side bar:

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